Cover image copyright Brenda Biondo

Launch 9pm 4th May

The Liquor Rooms
6-8 Wellington Quay, 
Dublin 2

Alexander Binder, Andrea Grützner,Brea Souders, Brenda Biondo, Chloe Sells, Elmar Vestner, Jan Rosseel, Kira Leskinen, Luuk De Haan, Maija Tammi, Manuel Geerinck, Martín Bollati, Nico Krijno, Richard Caldicott, Stephan Zirwes, Taisuke Koyama, and Vilde Rolfsen.

The latest limited edition from BLOW Photo has brought together some of the world’s most exceptional artists, covering the length and breadth of abstract art photography. Andrea Grützner uses the movement of light and precise shadows to symbolically reflect on her childhood memories. Martín Bollati looks back to the origins of our history investigating the process of representation of power politics discourses. Jan Rosseel in his series On the Aesthetics of Violence questions the relationship between politics and aesthetics, history and memory in images of violence. Abstract art can sometimes be the only medium to approach such complex issues. The cover artist, Brenda Biondo in her Paper Skies deals with process. She examines the perception of colour and form within photographs, frequently punctuating her work with quotes from Frank Stella, Mark Rothko and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Physicist Niels Bohr summed things up perfectly when he said “the opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth”.  Abstract art can truly be both the most essential and the most non essential of things.

BLOW Photo dedicates time and a unique perspective to exploring and revealing the stories that are found when artists come together.  With many themes as their guide, Blow Photo are compelled to share with you their deepest insights in this photographic puzzle.  Each of their artists are a truly meaningful and affecting collaborator in their greater narrative, inspiring the collectors to look closely and get lost in the intimate, engaging world of BLOW Photo.